If you are ready to create a life you love

and are after long lasting success in every

area of your life I would love to help you

achieve your desires and goals!


I am calling out for women who are committed to living each day connected to their highest vision for their life. Women who are BOLD and ready to dive deep into their life’s soul mission and women who are excited to take their life to seemingly impossible levels of success, peace, bliss and love. Let’s close the gap between where you are and where you desire to be and fill you with unshakeable faith to claim this life now! Are you ready to experience life as a divine conduit of love and bring the next level of your life to form? If you’re a hell yes to changing your life let’s work together! Here’s how it works… Coaching isn’t a one size fits all solution. I don’t create a cookie cutter program for all my clients… In the initial sessions we will identify what is the predominant area you would like help in and then we will establish a course of inspired action fuzed with flow.

The fundamental principles will be:

  • Heart & soul mapping – Going deeper into your soul’s work and your hearts desires and creating a plan of inspired action to bring this work to life.
  • Energy alignment – identify hidden energy blocks that sabotage your success in life and connect into your true self vibration to become magnetic to what you desire.
  • Energy clearing – clear the blocks that hold you back and keep you stuck
  • Values and intentions – Establish your fundamental core values and set intentions to match
  • Connecting and maintaining a state of flow so that you become a magnet to your true desires
  • Projection and Perception – Identifying how you are showing up in the world and what is mirroring back to you and what to do about it. Start seeing and experiencing a new world playing out.
  • Becoming your own Guru – tools and techniques to connect to your inner guide and conquer your daily stresses
  • Balancing the feminine and masculine to fuze flow with hustle
  • Rituals and mindset principles for success
  • All of which is done from a complete union point with Source energy (AKA God, the infinite, the universe, life force, all that is)

6 week package

  • 1 x power session 90 minutes to set the direction of the coaching program
  • 6 x weekly 60  minute mentoring sessions (skype)
  • Unlimited Voxer instant voice message support for quick questions and guidance
  • Unlimited Email support
  • Weekly Power Move challenges/missions


Ready to create change? email lyn@fitsoul.tv to book in a complimentary 45 min session and find out more about 6 weeks together.


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