Is there such thing as “God’s Timing?”

Have you ever heard spiritual people use the phrase “God’s timing” as in, “It will happen in God’s timing” or “I trust God’s timing”?

Although I believe everything works out to be in divine timing I can see how often people rely on this concept when they are in “Victim mentality” and are not taking responsibility for their circumstances.

It’s usually very clear to me why people don’t have their desires and it’s rarely to do with God’s timing but their subconscious programming that is holding it back.

Can there really be such thing as God’s timing when time does not actually exist in the spiritual realm or are we making excuses as to why we don’t have what we want?

This is what I delve into in this livestream, where I share and empowered perspective to speed up “God’s timing”.

Excuse the beach look! When I get a message from spirit I turn the camera on and don’t think much about the way I look!


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