The New Normal


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When normal isn’t enough…

This photo isn’t a staged photo taken by a pro, this smile is real taken by my angel & bestie on his iphone whilst staying in an abundant ocean front expansion mansion creating epic shit! This photo reflects the new normal!!!

I unsubscribed from normal a few years ago and it feels amazing!

Whilst the world around showed me a surface level happiness in the normality of life I chose a different kind of normal.

Because “Normal” to others was insanity to me

There was a weird (to me) normal of going into a job that you didn’t enjoy

There was this normal of being paid to sit at a desk for 7.5 hours a day or more

and being paid on a schedule AND being paid the same amount each month – rarely more… and usually not enough.

There was a normal to “fall in love” and make a commitment to an attachment in fear of loss or not being loved

and it was certainly normal in the world around me that people wouldn’t dare let their partner get away with ever sharing or expressing their love for someone else (even energetically)


It was normal to numb pain with alcohol and food
It was normal to not go there with your emotions
It was normal to get colds and flues
It was normal to look forward to weekend, celebrate Friday and mourn for Monday
It was normal for everyone to ask “How was your weekend” but never ask how was your Tuesday?


It was normal not to question WTF is actually in toothpaste, something we put in our mouth every day!

It was normal to make the excuse “I’m only human”
It was normal to believe breakfast was the most important meal of the day
It was normal to buy a house (that you couldn’t afford)
And celebrate getting 2-4 weeks leave off work as normal

It was normal to subscribe to time and believe what your age told you.


There are a million kinds of society normals that are not questioned and have become a believe and conditioning in the minds of millions.

But you get to choose what is your new normal.

The normal of the masses is not the reality of the infinite multi-verse


So I choose every day my new normals and set my standards high

Some of these are beliefs in progress meaning I choose to believe I am on my way to this becoming my normal

It’s normal for me to only do work that sets my soul on fire
It’s normal for me to have large sums of money come to me daily
It’s normal for me to have relationships that explode with love and expand my consciousness
It’s normal for my love to be expressed with multiple people, never withholding
It’s normal for me to create my life on my terms
It’s normal for me to work from anywhere in the world
It’s normal for me to play every day and make money in this energy
It’s normal for life to be easy
It’s normal for me to experience vibrant energy and health
It’s normal for me to be illness free at all times
It’s normal that I am not aging
It’s normal for me to be in flow
It’s normal for me to be surrounded by epic human beings
These are just some of the normals that I CREATE and are not dictated by anyone around me, although they are inspired by people who live the normal I aspire to.

What is your normal, and if it doesn’t completely light you up what are the new normals you can create today, what beliefs do you need to override and what inspired actions do you need to take NOW?


***If you’d love support in shifting gears and creating a new normal in business, life and relationships I have 2 spaces for 1:1 6 week intensive mentoring/coaching program. PM me for details.

****I also am starting another round of Shift This which is a 21 day expansion process to dissolve blocks from your cellular memory and create a deeper connection with your vision and new identity to shift you into your next level***


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