SONY DSCPersonal Training with Lyn

If you prefer to train one on one I would love to find out your goals and tailor a program and nutritional plan which will be perfect for your fitness level, body shape and lifestyle. (read more)

One hour session – $95

5 Sessions –  $450 (plus meal plan and nutrition guidelines)

10 sessions – $850 (plus meal plan and nutrition guidelines)

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body-breakthrough-250Body Breakthrough

Do you want to be one of those girls who loves to workout, because she actually sees results? Do you want to master the gym and feel confident walking into the weights room or feel like a pro at home with your own workouts?

Are you inspired to push yourself to new levels and use your body to get you out of your head so you can achieve things that you didn’t think were ever possible?

If you are ready to radiate health, body confidence, self love and become THAT girl and you are ready to be the fittest you’ve ever been then check out my comprehensive full body training guide. You will also get a a clean eating guide and a guide to help uncover the hidden mind barriers that are blocking you from changing your body. Read more info


Investment – $99  79

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The Skinny Secrets Cover - finalThe Skinny Secrets

Do you want to learn the real secrets of staying thin? Skinny is a mindset and The Skinny Secrets will help you uncover the blocks that are keeping you from shedding those unwanted kilos.

This isn’t a quick fix diet plan which has you going hungry, makes you feel miserable and messes up you metabolism. The Skinny Secrets busts through your blocks, reveals the secrets to good nutrition and includes a “cut the crap” nutrition plan which will help you remove the processed and sugary foods playing havoc with your health and emotions.

The Skinny Secrets includes a cleaning eating shopping list, meal and recipe ideas and exercise to kick start your new skinny lifestyle.

Investment: $18  $9 Limited time only!

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