The personal development technique to give up?

**Today’s Livestream – The personal development technique to give up?**

There are so many techniques in the personal development world that will have you use your pain to get you to your goal.

I remember going to a workshop once and having to imagine what it would be like if I was still stuck in the same place in 5 years time, then jump another few years and totally feel into the feeling and scream it out!! I remember feeling this like I wanted to jump out of my skin, like I would freak’n die if I was in the same place and I used this for fuel

or so I tried

and guess what

It doesn’t work

It may get you closer to your goal, or you may even achieve the manifestation of your goal,

but it will not bring you the true feeling of why you wanted the goal in the first place

because it is completely absorbed in judgement.

You can not get to where you want to go if you are in judgement.

True transformation comes from the heart of compassion for self and not judging anything as good or bad. It is the meaning we give things that creates the illusion.

This is why so many people go from one healer to the next, constantly “working” on themselves, because they are desperate to rid themselves of their perceived blocks.

Energetic blocks are real but you will never free yourself if you are seeing them as negative.

I have had to go through this myself, and I am currently unravelling some deep rooted beliefs around relationships, men and my desire for children. I have been in complete judgement of the energetic blocks that I have and have been in desperation to rid myself of them.

It’s one thing to be committed to evolving past your limitations. It is another to be seeing them as an ugly part of you that is ruining your life!! Because with this attitude which I have possessed I have not been able to shift from this in the past SO of course this is the one area of my life that feels stuck in the matrix!! And one area affects the complete expansion in every area.

It’s time to stop trying to use our pain and frustration to fuel our success but instead to see where we are at with compassion and not judge it as bad. This is your beautiful life that you created. Where you are at right now should not be seen as worse than any other moment.

Move to a different reality through compassion, love and excitement for what else there is to experience!!

If you are exhausted from trying to FIX things then
Who’s ready to PLAY with your reality instead of trying to FIX it??

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