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Your level of success is determined by whether you are a creator or a consumer.. I am trying to create more than I consume (but gotta be honest I consume a little more!) but I want to shout out the very few people who I consume daily online for inspiration, motivation, spiritual insight, business guidance and a kick up the butt.

There aren’t many who can hold my attention for too long but I have followed these people consistently for years now because they are always evolving

Everyone else I may read from time to time but these are the only people I seek out, the rest of my time goes to creation!

Check them out!

Bentinho Massaro – for deep spiritual teachings and insights, when I first came across him trying to understand his teachings have me a headache but quickly became an addict of his content. He’s not necessarily for the beginner but if you are just starting out on a spiritual path, listen with your heart and don’t try to get it!

Kat Loterzo – She has triggered the eff out of me many times and I have thought she’s gone too far and wanted to unsubscribe at least 10 times over the years but there is a reason I have followed her journey from online fitness guru to success and ass kickery superstar consistently for 4 years. She’s a full on in your face hustler but don’t be fooled by your meaning of hustle – she hustles from heart and is unapologetic for wanting the success she calls in and will do whatever it takes to get it (from a place of alignment). She’s a rule breaker in the online marketing space (and every area of life really) and a must to follow if you want to build an online business, create millions or create a huge following. (inspiration to mumpreneurs too)

Oren Harris – I can honestly say from the depth of my heart that I am not putting him on the list to promote my bestie. I am blessed to speak to him every day and I still consume his content (and invest in it too!). He is the most advanced soul I know, Freakishly intuitive, and his committed to his soul and to God is beyond words. He downloads info from source at ridiculous speeds which will blow your mind (he expands the most expanded beings) and when you meet him, his energy will have you wondering if his an alien, a unicorn or an angel, but mostly make you feel like you have come home. (oh and he’s instagram account is a work of art – I don’t think I have meant anyone who puts so much intention into their meme creation!)

Rikka Zimmerman – I discovered Rikka last year online (the same week Oren became friends with her in person – crazy story of oneness! – long story!) and was blown away. She felt so familiar to me like a version of myself I hadn’t tapped into yet. Listening to her upped my frequency so much I would have massive dizzy spells while my body was trying to keep up to the upgrades! Rikka’s commitment to love is breathtaking and her recovery from stage four Melanoma last year shows how much her work can heal. She’s over the top with joy so be warned you may think she’s trip’n but this is one tapped in blissed out woman!

Who are your must follows?

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