Hi there,

Welcome!! I am Lyn and I am here to teach you how to live a heart-centred, soul filled, healthy life.

My Intention…..

Is to inspire you to live a balanced healthy lifestyle and live out  your passions. Success is your birthright and I want you to experience this in every area of your life!

I want to show you that you are exactly what you are looking for and everything that you d
esire is within you.

I want to offer you a supportive place to explore different methods, ideas and tools that will help you navigate your way through life and thrive!

I am passionate about using movement, meditation and mindfulness to help women transform their bodies, their business, relationships and life!


You are..

Someone seeking to create a life that flows with ease.

Inspired to connect to your inner “queen” of “king” your intuition/higherself/source

You would like to find deep gratitude and love for your body which allows you to feel free.

You are determined and willing to do whatever it takes to evolve in every area of your life

You take action on your dreams and are willing to show up and do the work

You think Health and Fitness is a way of life and not a destination


Finding  Purpose

If you are still wondering what your purpose is I can tell you that you don’t need to find it. It will find you! That’s how my life has been unfolding.

I started blogging in 2012 and felt like I finally found my love. Every day I was inspired to show up and share my thoughts with the world. My first blog Stilettos and Green Juice grew very quickly and I never expected that it would have changed my life so much.  Prior to this I was hating my work life and not sure what I was going to do next. I was miserable in the world of media and advertising and I just didn’t know how I would survive another day there.

Blogging gave me life again and it was the first step in shifting gears and doing what I really love.

Considering that I was writing so much about health and fitness I thought I should get qualified so I studied to be a Master Trainer at the Australian Institute of Fitness (btw that’s just a wanky certification name for a Personal Trainer!) I also delved into the world of nutrition and personal development so I could bring a 360 holistic solution to my readers and my client.

I closed the door on my blog Stilettos and Green Juice so I could call this home.

Although you may have found yourself here by googling “how to get a flat stomach” This site will always inspire you in more ways than trying to get a perfect body.  It’s my passion and purpose to call BS on so much of what goes on in the Fitness industry and I want to bring more soul into fitness. As I evolve I have started to write less and less about fitness and am only interested in movement as a tool for inner transformation.

I consider it to be one of my callings to step into becoming a spiritual teachers and I love to use my gifts in intuition and sensitivity to reflect back to people what is holding them back. I have been mentored by one of the best transformation coaches and speakers in the world (in my opinion!) Oren Harris which has had a huge impact on my spiritual and personal expansion. Oren continues to train me in his method of coaching which he calls “Miracle Coaching”which is the powerful space where the coach and client are connected with the infinite. The “Miracle Zone” draws out your highest potential and creates miracles effortlessly through fearlessness, presence and grace.


My health and fitness story…

My life hasn’t always been centred on fitness and health, in fact my life has taken a major miraculous turn from a 7 year battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. One of the reasons I have become such a gym junkie is because the old me couldn’t walk some days due to such severe muscle pain and weakness. I had many night so ill I was convinced I would die and had many years of missing out on pretty much everything. When you have experienced a body that has failed you, you begin to see your body in a different light.

My body is a miracle, and every weight that I lift is a testimony to how far I have come and how I healed by body when doctors saw no hope for me!

When my body began to heal I found a love for the gym but to be honest, despite everything I knew about health and healing I really wasn’t always walking the talk. I thought I led a balanced life; meaning I ate my superfoods, worked out and then went to McDonalds after the gym! I was a self-proclaimed sugar addict. And I mean a serious addict, I couldn’t go an hour without a hit! I was your typical “skinny fat” girl who could eat McDonalds all day, drink coke like water and not gain weight.

Then I hit my 30’s and weight started creeping on and I knew that I couldn’t keep up this sugar high! I met a Personal Trainer who completely transformed my diet and workouts. I went back to basic’s and nourished my body with clean eating from foods as close to nature as possible. And I gave up refined sugar (hardest thing I’ve ever done!) Once I felt the difference in my health and body I could no go back to that lifestyle (and starting my blog soon after kept me on track)


Soul Lessons

Since I was a child I felt connected to God and the spiritual realm. I think I’ve dabbled at every religion but what became true for me was connecting to the presence of love. My soul’s truth was that my relationship with God could not be put into a box or limited to an ancient misinterpreted text.  I spend every day connecting to my soul and God (which are interwoven). Having been a “seeker” for so long I now realise that all I need is within me. I don’t have to do anything to feel connected,  I just have to be.

I am learning more each day on living in the flow, how connection is the gateway to manifesting and how I am responsible for the energy that attracts all that flows into my life.

As I evolve I find myself to feel leading talking on spirituality and it’s something I am most passionate about.


My Life

My life now is devoted to teaching others how to remove the emotional blocks that get in the way of making the change to a healthy lifestyle. I love to bring people back into alignment with their highest truth and motivate them to be the fittest and healthiest they can be (Mentally, physically and spiritually).

I have very committed to self mastery and expanding my consciousness so I am always learning and challenging myself to dive deeper and step out of my comfort zone!

I also make pleasure an fun a priority, with all the deep topics I love to learn and teach it’s also important to lighten up and have fun!! One of the most transformational exercises you can have is to just do what you love and see the world through the eyes of a child!


It’s all about the flow!

When I am not working on my blog and business you will find me at the beach or the gym! I love to get outdoors, travel, try new and crazy things, dance up a storm, delve into inspirational books and workshops.

Lyn xx



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