Why you go one step forward 2 steps back

Do you feel like life is one step forward and two steps back?

Although it can feel completely frustrating, this is completely normal and there is a reason for it. It’s not always because of self sabotage (but sometimes is!) it’s happening because you are going through what I call the expansion process.

The expansion process is like a spiral coil going upwards into a higher dimension of complete love.

As we journey up into the higher dimensions and expand our consciousness we naturally wind upwards and then have to go slightly down as we come back around so we can go even higher next time.

The downs you feel are actually a clean sweep of the parts of your consciousness that are still in fear and keeping you separate from experiencing love and oneness. Your spirit is flushing to the surface what doesn’t align with the higher vibrations.

As your consciousness expands even wider and you have even more intense experiences of love and bliss you will find the lows may feel just as intense as the highs but this is because it is reflecting the meaning you are putting on each experience. When you are making the highs mean something you will then go to make the lows mean something, like one is bad and one is good, but they are all just states of being.

The meaning creates separation.

When you can lose the meaning of both the highs and lows and have complete compassion for all states of beings you will not feel the intense polarity of the experience.

Compassion is the answer for when you are feeling like you are going backwards.

The less you resist all experiences the more you will expand into bliss

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